Friday, 10 February 2012

What A Day!!

Hi all. What a day!! You may have seen on the news what treacherous roads & pavements we woke up to here in Stoke. Everywhere covered in thick black ice. Hubby called me from work at 7am (he walks to work at 5.30am) to let me know how awful it was. He only has to go a short distance which normally doesn't take very long, but took him 45 mins today. I think he slid all the way there. The roads were just as bad as the pavements and he saw a few accidents even at that time in the morning. He told me to stop in and keep the kids home. But 'Oh' I thought 'It can't be all that bad!' So after I finally managed to scrape the sheet of ice from my windscreen and nearly fell on my bum (several times), and sprinkled a whole tub of table salt on the drive just so the kids could get to the we went!
Well how wrong was I?? Never been so scared in my life. Cars weren't stopping at junctions, including mine! Thank god  the roads were eerily quite for a Friday morning. I think most either turned back and went home, or were sensible (unlike me) and didn't bother go out. I saw so many people go head over heels and saw SEVEN ambulances, and numerous police cars just on the school run! So scary! When we got to school, there was a male teacher literally pulling everyone through the gates one by one. Like skiing without skis! No way could you walk! Hardly any of the teachers made it in or were late, and only half the kids turned up. Wish I never bothered. Was so glad to get home in one piece. We had no post at all today. They couldn't have managed their way! I did have a courier parcel this afternoon though when it began to thaw a bit. The driver said he's been in the job for 27 years and had never seen anything like how it was this morning! Honestly you'd have to see it to believe it! Apparently there were over a hundred & twenty 999 calls between 7.30 and 11am in the Stoke area...and over 90 of those were for fall victims alone! The radio said our area normally only gets about forty-three 999 calls in a whole day!
I'm completely laid up too, with terrible bad throat & the glands are all out in my neck. So, so glad it's the school hols now. But I feel sorry for hubby who has to go out in it again at 5.30 in the morning.

Hope it's not too bad where you are!
Jenny xx


Squirrel x said...

So glad you all got home safely - and I hope you feel better soon hun. We had about 5-6inches of snow last weekend and it has hardly thawed at all. The main roads are ok, but our estate roads and pavements are like Dancing on Ice but without the dancing. Take care, stay warm. Hugs Sxx

Debbie said...

Well Jenny, My hubby cycles to work at 6.40 and it takes 10 mins, it took him half an hour and he told me NOT to go out and I didn't (he would not have told me if he didn't mean it!)
My friend fell twice, the lad across the road fell, so did my other neighbour, it ws so awful. Best advice is NOT to go out. After all the teachers don't make it in so don't be worried. You just take care and stay in!!

CraftyC said...

What a day Jenny and sorry to hear your poorly. We had about 8 inches last sunday and my kids didnt get to school monday but fields & gardens still white and walking dog in a few inches still. Ice is our problem atm

heidy said...

Wow that sounds not good Jenny,I'm a bit like you lol
Glad your all ok.
Big XXX Heidy

Janet said...

Sounds bad up where you are chick.....nothing much here and the footpaths and roads were normal yesterday. Glad you are all safe and next time takes hubbies advice lol x

jo said...

So glad you got home in one piece! We've had lots of snow in Scarborough and luckily roads are kind of ok - but the pathways are dreadful.I agree with you - i'm so glad it's half term and can stay indoors and craft and there's still plenty of snow for kids to play in!Take care and hope you feel better soon.
Jo x

Janette said...

Glad you made it ok Jenny, my dil went through a hedge, she is ok but car a wreck,,,be careful.xx

Teresa said...

Glad you are all ok Jenny, you know you should stay indoors and craft on these days :o)
Take care love, hope you have a lovely weekend. Teresa x

Mau xx said...

Hi sweetie, hope you feel better very soon, try and stay in and keep warm and safe. Sending you a huge snuggly hug xx

coops said...

hiya pleased you are all sure was scary yesterday.i`ve never seen ice like that before.
i hope you feel better soon hun.

xx coops xx

Anonymous said...

OMG that sounds horrendous!! We've been so lucky here; a few frosty mornings and it's very cold - but that's it! Hope you feel better soon.xx

melsanford said...

Oh that sounds awful! Glad you are all safe. take care. Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Love to Doodle! said...

Eeeew...that sounds horrendous...glad you all got home safe. Take care of yourself too...glands up doesn't sound good...xx


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