Sunday, 4 March 2012

Just A Quickie.. let you know about Lisa's candy. A £15 LOTV voucher, how fab! But you'll have to be very ends today! 

Tried to post this in my sidebar but blogger won't let me post any more pics there. It tell's me I've 'exceeded my upload limit'. When I click on the link for advice, it take's me to a page where I have to PAY to get more storage space! Surely that can't be right??  I know that you do have a limited amount of storage that will eventually run out.....but can't see how mine is all used up. I hardly have time to post half the time, and I know others bloggers who post everyday. Also, why am I still able to upload photo's into my blog posts then? The pictures in the sidebar are far smaller. Any advice appreciated thanks. 
xx Jenny xx

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Chrissy said...

Hi Jenny, I had the same problem and had to delete lots of photos from Picasa, which stores everything you ever put on your blog, I have the details of how to fix it, so if you e-mail me, I will send you a copy...
it is not hard to do, just time consuming, but worth it.



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