Monday, 19 April 2010

Damsel In Distress!

Just a quick post to help out a fellow DoCrafter (and anyone else who may find it useful!) She wanted to get some Distress Inks for watercolouring but was not sure which ones to get.

I have gradually been building up my collection of Distress Inks over time. I now have all 36 colours, including the new ones. I use them for watercolouring, and find that some of the colours shown on the lids are not acurate when you use them for this purpose. So as I've been getting them I made this rough chart. The colours were applied with a slightly damp brush onto watercolour card.
It was only intended for my own reference, so please excuse the slap dash fashion! I might replace it at a later time with a neater, more organised chart.

If you click on the image you should be able to magnify it (hopefully!)

At least you should get the general idea of the true colours when used for watercolouring.I have a card using this method (with the colours I used listed) about 3 posts down.
Bye for now,

Jenny x


Kimbo said...

Thanks for this Jenny, it's really useful. Kim x

Caroljenks said...

This is fab! Thanks Jenny :)

Carol x


You are a love hun x thanks x leigh x

Aunty Sue said...

this is brillient jenny as i bought a colour and was disappointed as it wasnt what i thought.


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