Friday, 11 June 2010

My Promarker Storage...

Happy Friday everyone! Where does the time go? I was going to post these pics on Wednesday for 'What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday' but busy, busy......
So here they are now, on Friday, a couple of days late. I just wanted to show you my latest way of storing my Promarkers.
I have always stored my beloved Copics flat, in shallow boxes and trays. This takes up lots of space though, they're a pain to move around the house (I craft all over the house) and I can't really find the right colour very quickly. Now that I have built up my collection of Promarkers, I seem to use these more than my Copics (mainly because they are cheaper to replace) and I wanted a space saving solution. Most importantly of all, I wanted to be able to pick out the right colour quickly without searching.
This little basket was only a £1 from Tesco a while back. It has a handle so is easy to carry about the house or to take to my Mum's. It fits around 110 promarkers in it.
With Promarkers all having a black lid, I punched out lots of little sticky circles with a tiny hole punch from a sheet of white labels, and coloured each with the actual pen to give a true colour. Now, I am sure that you can buy sheets of tiny circle stickers, but I like to make life difficult for myself, lol! It took ages to do!
As you can see, I also put the initials of each colour name on each pen, as some colours are very similar. I have also made a colour swatch showing the 'true' colour of each pen. I have divided the basket with scrap card (nothing fancy-lol!) to make 3 colour families; reds/pinks/lilacs, oranges/browns/naturals, greens/yellows/blues. All this means I can pick out the colour I want almost instantly.
In retrospect maybe I should have numbered each colour on my swatch, and put the corresponding number on each pen rather than initials. But never mind, this way works fine for me!
I know some people say that you should store them flat but as I only really use the fine tip, I find it handy storing them with this tip down. I have actually managed to revive a couple of mine this way. My girls had left the lids off them, lol!
If you were worried I guess you could store the basket on it's side when you're not using them?
Anyway, I hope someone finds this useful, and if you have a better storage solution I would love to know.
Jenny xx


SusieLou said...

A fab, cheap and useful storage option! Susie x

Messi Jessi said...

Brilliant! I'll have to pinch the idea of putting little labels on the end myself!

Kathleen said...

great idea jenny - just to let you know tho you don't have to replace your copics - you can refill them!!!

Jennifer said...

HI kathleen, I had heard you could refil the Sketches but wasn't sure how successful this is in the Ciaos. I would be interested to know from anyone who had tried? The refils are a bit much for me to splash out on if I needed a few at once. I might give it a go with skin tones etc that I use the most. Thanks! xx

Elisa said...

This is a great idea.Elisa.x

Emma and Susan said...

Hi Jenny! This is a fabulous storage idea! Thankyou so much for following us we are very honoured!!
Have a great weekend
Love and hugs
Emma and Susan

Netty said...

Wow Jenny thats a lot of the moment I only have one set of 5, so storage isn't a but its a great idea. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Lizzy xx said...

Great idea Jenny ...and what a bargain! xx Lizzy xx

I refill my Caio's hun... skin tones mainly and they are fine xx

Monica said...

Wow, what a hard working lady you are... thanks for sharing the idea.

You should have a look at my craft table - the messiest place in my entire home. The more I clean, the messier it gets. But then as they say, "Creative minds are rarely tidy". Sorry I cannot recollect the author.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. It means the world to me.



Rosietoes said...

A very practical solution to a crafty problem Jennifer. Well done for sorting out something that works for you.
Edna x

Mau xx said...

Brilliant Jennie, I have mine flat in a set of storage drawers on my desk and I am sick of searching around to get the one I want....always at the

hugs Mau xx

Mau xx said...

Sorry Jenny, I always forget to spell your name correct...I know someone who spells hers "IE"
and it catches me out everytime.

A.J. said...

Great storage solution, I only have about 30 pro markers at the moment so storage is not much of a problem. I MUST buy more pro markers!!!!


mrs ann said...

Great idea thanks for sharing.x

Lisa xx said...

oooooh look at all of those pens you lucky thing, i've only got about 30 myself too, mine live in a lilac coloured metal watering can!

Patricia said...

Great idea Jenny I would love to make something similar for my copics as mine are in a box laying flat and I'd love them on show where I can just reach into them, but neatly packed and still laying flat. Teresa xx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea will be useing that one
when i go into my new crafty shack i have taken over the sunhouse,so have been insulating it,plaster boarding,and wallpapering tommorow,move in next week. Davina.

Jenny said...

Brilliant idea, when I get some more Promarkers I shall have to implement it. At the moment I use the base of an A5 storage box and, keeping the pens in their original shaped bit of their packaging (cutting away the rest of it), I stack them in the box. I can get 4 layers in this way!

jgaffneycards said...

i did the same with the sticker on the end i haven't enough colours yet tho to be writing the colours on the stickers, i have a shelf which i keep them on, having the colour on the end is a great help tho,



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