Sunday, 4 September 2011

I'm Back!..

Hi all. Just a quickie to let you know I'm back from my hols but won't be blogging just yet sorry! We arrived home to a flood. A pipe had been leaking under the kitchen sink while we were away leaving our cupboard wet and warped, and all it's contents very saturated! We have to get a plumber to it asap but have a washing up bowl catching the drips for now.  I still have so much washing to get through and have spent much of today scrubbing out the car. My 3yr old was sick just as we pulled up into the driveway....literally as soon as the hand brake went on! If only he could have waited a few more moments! OMG!...there was so much of can it go so far and in all directions?!

The holiday it's self was great! We did so much including The Pleasure Beach (Nickelodeon Land), The Blackpool Tower Circus, Madame Tussuad's, Blackpool Zoo....and we were first up to the new Tower Eye on it's opening day. We were also there for the lights switch on by Keith Lemon.  I have photo's....lots of photo's but haven't had time to upload yet. Just taking a quick five minutes break before I put another load of washing in. Also need to get all the bits and pieces ready for school before Wednesday when the kids go back. Then my little man also starts a week tomorrow. It's come around so fast and I feel a little sad, but I'm looking forward to some much needed 'me' time and the fact that I won't be brain washed by 'The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' 24/7.....grown ups telly at last! 

A MASSIVE thanks for all the lovely comments you left me while I was away :-) 
You're all so kind. I've had a quick read through but will sit down and read them properly as soon as I can, and visit you back. Hello & welcome to my new followers too! 

EDITED TO ADD; I almost forgot to tell you about the tremendous pain I'm in (I'd actually forgotten until I tried to get up from my computer chair!) I thought it would be a good idea to take my girls to the Ice Skating Arena on the last day. I seem to remember being quite good at this 20 years ago! Goodness me...BAD idea!! I ache from head to toe. Even my earlobes hurt (I kid you not) I fell on my bum and my knees like a sack of spuds......with that and trying to keep my girls upright every muscle in my body is aching! I feel like I've been used as a football. I have new found admiration for the washed up celebs of Dancing On Ice!

I'll be back in the land of blogging as soon as I can.
   Thanks for visiting!
Jenny xx


coops said...

great to see you back hun.glad you had a goood hol but shame you had to come back to the damage in your kitchen and eurgh to the sick hun.i don`t envy the clean up job.hope your sore muscles ease up soon ;D

xx coops xx

Katina said...

Glad you had a great holiday Jenny! Good luck with the clean up job and the easing of aching muscles!!

Look forward to seeing you back soon,

susiestacey said...

Hope you sort out the sink and your aching bones!! Pleased you had a good time x Susan x

Emma said...

Yah great to have you back and so lovely to hear you had a fab time. Oh no re the leak and poorly little one.
Hope your aches and pains ease soon.
Hugs Emma x

Sarpreet said...

Glad to hear from you, hope you feel better soon from all the bumps and bruises

melsanford said...

Nice to have you back! Glad you had a nice time but I bet you need another holiday after all that cleaning! Hope your leak is sorted soon. Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Lee said...

Oh Jenny Lol,thank goodness you had a GREAT HOLIDAY.What bad luck with the leak and the other yuk, awww bless not nice for your 3yr old either.I'm ashamed to say i didn't know you were away,been so biz meself so will catch up on your creations.Take care.Huggles xxxx

Janet said...

Glad you and the family had a fab holiday sweetie. Poor you having the flood and a messed up car to deal with too......I hope things are getting back to normality for you now :)


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