Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sewing Machine & Me...No Longer Friends!....

Good morning all. Hope you had a great long weekend?...

Oh I knew my sewing machine bliss could not last! I was so happy with my new machine. It was just what I wanted. Not too complicated. A nice controllable speed. Then half way through stitching another card yesterday, it packed up! It seemed to jam somehow. I didn't want to fiddle with tit so took in back to the Tesco store, but they didn't have another one (it was a basic Tesco one) and would not refund as I had used Tesco clubcard double up vouchers. So I swapped for a Singer machine and put the extra money to it. I didn't really want one that was so fancy. It's all they had in store though... and at least it was Singer...supposed to be good aren't they?
But I am having no luck using it! The stitches are loose and are gathering up behind the card/fabric like a big birds nest....so frustrated! I am wondering what I'm doing wrong. I have tried adjusting tension, and I think I'm doing it right? Any help very much appreciated!
It is a Singer 2250 HERE.
Thanks in advance....tearing hair out and feel like throwing it through the window!

Have a better day than me!
Jenny xx


Rebekah said...

Oh No Jenny what a disaster! I wish I culd help but I'm rubbish with sewing machines. I have a brother and it took me a while to get used to it, even now it sometimes gets the bobbin thread all tangled in the sewing and my MIL tells me it isn't suited to seing on card (whatever!) I used to have a singer but it tended to work just fine I wouldn't adjust tension too much as it could make the card gather or be too loose it sounds more like a bobbin issue? Have you tried you tube, sometimes peeps put good instructional or trouble shootind vids on there hugs rebekah xx

jackid said...

Jenny I think it's a bobbin prob to but with seeing the machine hands on I can't help sorry I used to have this problem with my machine but mine was one of the very old ones you turned the handle on the side make sure there is no thread dtuck in the bobbin holder as this was sometimes the cause of mine even a little thread will do this hope that helps sorry
Jacki xx

Julie said...

Sounds like a tension problem to me. If you use different paper does it behave in the same way? also have you tried it on fabric? Do you get different results?

The problem with the Tesco one jamming sounds like maybe some thread got caught up in the bobbin casement. I've got an old Brother machine and find that happens from time to time, it's quite easy to clear.

Margarets designer cards said...

I think it might be that the tension on the bobbin is not the same as the top half where the thread comes from the reel. without seeing the problem its hard to help.
Hope you can get it sorted out soon.

Christine said...

Hi Jenny you have already had good advise & yes I would say its the tension/bobbin underneath..turn the wheel at the side very slowly towards you see if you can see any rouge thread etc..have you wound the bobbin/shuttle by hand?? if not it should be OK if you have wound it by hand take it off & rewind the bobbin/shuttle.. Singer are EXC machines mine is in a cabinet does loads of fancy stitches lost count the number of bridal clothes I have made on it & yes used it for paper craft..one thing make sure you have plenty of needles cos they blunt using them on paper/card..my Singer is 40yrs old & still going strong..

smiles Christine xx

Janette said...

I agree with the others Jenny, does sound like the tension to me,oh it can drive you mad I know, but once you have it set you'll be flying hun..xx

Sheila said...

You already have some good tips here to finding out where the prob is Jenny - try it on some scraps of fabric - it may simply be it doesn't like paper!! I am hoping to get mine out once I am in my new craft room but that is no help to you at the mo is it, so sorry! Play around with different papers and tensions, thread perhaps too? New tous are always naughty aren't they? Good luck, Sheila:)X

Lee said...

Oh i am so sorry Jenny,so disapointing for you hun.i am a complete beginner on a machine.Hope somebody can help you.xxxx

Jennifer M. said...

Hi Jen! I am so sorry to hear of your sewing machine troubles. Coming from someone who sold sewing machines for two years (Husqvarna Vikings), I can tell you that not all machines are the same and the Singers these days are not the same quality that grandma had. They are completely different and are crappy quality. It is also not uncommon for a machine to just not work correctly right out of the box, so it may not be you. If you are having problems with the stitching underneath, it is definitely the bobbin. If the bobbin is not in the machine correctly or his not threaded in the case correctly, you will have issues. I remember the bobbin threading to be a huge pain with the new Singers. I seriously doubt it is something with the tensions because that would affect how the top stitches look as well as create puckering or (ripping in the paper). Maybe try lengthening the stitches as opposed to changing the tensions. I would not recommend winding bobbins by hand. Its best to do it on the machine so they wound with an even tension. Without playing with the machine, I can't really offer any more help than that. Buying sewing machines is like buying a computer these days. You really need to do your research to make sure you are getting a good one.

Good Luck!



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