Friday, 13 May 2011

Testing, Testing....

Blimey what's been wrong with Blogger the past couple of days? I've even lost some comments. They must be floating around in cyber space somewhere.

I'm just doing a little test post to check it's all ok now. I can't show you my card until the morning as it's for 'A Gem Of A Challenge' DT, so thought I'd share a couple more wedding pics. Sorry if you're getting fed up with all things wedding!

My two girls as Bridesmaids, and my little man....who is looking very worried about something. Probably because a minute earlier he was attempting to 'jump in muddy puddles' just like Peppa Pig, and I had to wade into the largest, muddiest puddle you've ever seen and physically remove him!
"So what if it's Auntie Caz's Wedding day..I want to jump in muddy puddles!!"

Back in the morning (hopefully!!) if blogger has recovered from it's little strop!
Jenny xx


xGemmax said...

Beautiful photo's Jennifer!!

Your little man is just a typical little mine would of done the same, you can never keep boys clean...even if its an inportant day lol
hugs and xxx

Chrissy said...

Hi! Jenny...gorgeous pic's..never get sick of pictures.Lovely lokking children.. Blogger had a right tizzy didnt he...I lost posts and comments...poo..yuk..lucky I found my scraps of paper and will have to post again as they are for challenges.

heidy said...

Hi Jenny,what a lovely pictures of your kids,you must be a very proud mum
Hugs Heidy

SueB said...

Hi Jenny :)

Same problem with blogger here, I have also lost some comments :( hey ho, like you say, floating around somewhere in cyber space somewhere by now, lol!

Your pics are just lovely, what beautiful chiildren, and how funny about the puddle. My younger one (even though now six) would still fancy a jump in a muddy puddle and think it was great fun, what is it about mud and boys?! like bees to a honey pot, lol!

Looking forward to see more of your wonderful cards soon Jenny.

Suzie xxxx :)

Donna Mosley said...

Aww! great pics Jenny, the girls look so pretty in their gorgeous dresses and what a handsome little fella too. Love his expression, typical man. lol!

Donna x

melsanford said...

Gorgeous photos - what a good looking bunch! Let's hope Mr. Blogger has now recovered!!! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Janette said...

Awww Jenny your children look so beautiful in there finery, gorgeous.xx

Janet said...

Aww aren't they must be so proud! x

Sue said...

Wonderfull photos they look great kids!!! love your blog have been catching up on things after holls and a terrible abscess that has floored me for the last 2wks and i seem to have missed you out sorry and thank you for following me and glad you are feeling better now Luv Sue x


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