Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sewing Machine Update...

Hi again! Thanks everyone for your very informative replies to this mornings post :-)

I tried everything this afternoon. Threading, re threding. Bobbin all possible ways around. Even took apart bobbin compartment and put it back together! I was so stressed that my hubby (fortunately his day off!) took little man to the park so I could think in peace. I looked at forums, troubleshooting and info on the net. I think my prob was that a little screw where you put your bobbin can be tightened to adjust tension. But I tightened it as much as poss with the little tool they provided, but it was still slack really, and I could see no way of making it tighter. I came to the conclusion that this machine is far too complicated for me!
So before full nervous breakdown occurred I took it back off to Tesco's. The lady remembered from yesterday and said they had taken delivery of some of the simple Tesco machines (same as the one I had taken back yesterday that had jammed) so I have brought another one of those back with me to try out. Oh I do hope it works, as I was really pleased with the simplicity and functions of that machine in the first place (until it broke!) so I got my cash back that I put towards the Singer. I'll let you know how I get on! Can't face it right now though....need a break from sewing machines this evening!

Have a great evening!
Jenny xx


karen said...

Oh Jenny this sounds stressful, I want a sewing machine so much but I really don't know if I will be able to work one! Good luck, hope you get sorted. Karenxx

Fiona said...

I'm sure your sewing machine will be fab once you get it going. I think IO said I bought a new one last month but had a problem with the tension being too tight...I did manage to adjust it myself and I love it!!


Amanda said...

Hi Jenny, it can be so frustrating when you are having problems with the tension on a sewing machine. Without seeing the problem I can only offer this advice:
1) make sure the bobbin thread is the same make/quality as the top thread and that the bobbin has been evenly wound.
2) put the bobbin in the holder and hold it by the thread, shake it gently - if the tension is right the bobbin holder should fall by about 2-3 inches. If it doesn't move at all or falls freely you will need to adjust the tiny screw by a very small amount one way or the other.
3) once you have the bobbin tension set correctly, try not to adjust the screw again (ever!)
I've had my machine for almost 30 years and have only adjusted the bobbin tension a handful of times.
4) stick with it - once you set it right you'll enjoy your new machine!

Hope this helps,


Christine said...

Awww Jenny hope you get sorted with the replacment..my SIL used to PLAY with her settings ALL the time, then I had to adjust & sort it..very good advice from Amanda once set leave well alone..but use a good thread DONT go for these multi packs of thread there rubbish..good luck BUT have a days break from it..

smiles Christine xx

Jules said...

Oh dear Jenny .. .. your sewing machine experiences sound like a nightmare.

I hope that the one you have brought home today will be better behaved than the others!!!!

Love Jules xx

Donna Mosley said...

Oh! Jenny these sewing machines are really acting up for you, hope this one is is a good one as the stitching on your card looked so wonderful.

Donna x

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Janet said...

Hi Sweetie,

Sorry about your sewing machine problems.......hope this new one is better. I never use the battery one I bought from Tesco a while back........just couldn't get on with it.....it's collecting dust on my craft shelf.........not sure if I should invest in a 'proper' one too......the experience has put me off to be honest lol. I will be interested to see how you get on. The card you made using the other machine is fabulous

melsanford said...

Dear me! What a nightmare! Let's hope this new one works out. Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Mandy said...

Hi Jenny,
Sounds like you've had a real stressful couple of days, I can believe a sewing machine could cause so much trouble,my new one is great but the one before I just couldn't get on with so never used..Hope you have better luck with this one...
Mandy x

Julie said...

Oh Jenny,I'm glad I'm not the only one who has machine trouble!there's no rhyme or reason to my trouble,sometimes it's fine,other times I end up with long straggly loops of cotton AAahhhhhggg!!!!
I'm off to look for that tiny screw lol! Hope you are enjoying your week apart from this,Julie.x

CraftyC said...

I've got a sewing machine that I bought years ago and still cant work out how to thread the thing so its been shelved. Bought a little one from hobbycraft a few weeks back, looked at the instructions and put it back in the box. lol. Good luck with the new one, hope its what your looking for!


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